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Agnius Gorys is an accomplished entrepreneur who began his career in trucking back in 2012. Over the years he has quickly climbed the latter of the trucking industry and has become the owner of his own logistics company.

In 2015 Mr. Gorys founded AG Express Line, Inc., and continues to serve as president of the transport company. He oversees all aspects of the firm and has achieved steady growth over the past six years. He then founded AG Equipment Lease, Inc., in 2018 to provide equipment leasing opportunities to trucking companies.

Agnius believes that in all business, but especially in the trucking industry, field experience is the secret recipe of success. If you have never done the job yourself, it is extremely difficult to find well qualified professionals who are right for the job. He also knows, that the success of a trucking company is a direct reflection of its drivers. Without good and professional drivers there is no way to make a strong trucking company.

Agnius Gorys

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Agnius Gorys
Homer Glen, IL US